2020 Vizion One Off Deal

2020 Vizion One Off Deal

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  • Unlimited recording time of 10, 13 or 20 songs completed=$1,200


  • 5, 8 EP or 11 tracks LP mixed and master to Completion=$2,000/$3,000


  • Cover art for the album=$90/160


  • Photoshoot (Caddiville set only)=$400


  • Music Video for Artists Main Single (Shoot and Editing)=$2,500 to $3,000


70% - Artists Split

30% - 2020 Vizion Royality split


  • Music distribution on all major platforms=$100


2020 Vizion artists

Listening session @ CaddiVille USA studios.


(15 people cap.) = $1000


2 months of social media promotion Spotify, iTunes, Tidal Google Play, Amazing, etc. Total cost of putting the album out on your own =$10,000 with no help. Signing with 20/•\20 Vizion music group, the total cost to release your album release =$2000.00


40% down deposit to get started $600.00, $285.00 monthly increments, until balance is complete.


2020 Vizion one off deal, 6 month out line.


Artists Sign Agreement


  • First two months: Unlimited recording until 20 songs are reached.
  • Third month: Music board and artists comes together to decide the best songs and the artist main single after that mixing and master of the project, photo shoot for the artist and video shoot for the main single.
  • Fourth and fifth months: Release main single on all platforms, listening party for the project, up to 15 people cap. Location @ CaddiVille USA studios.
  • Six month: Album release on all platforms, promotion by 2020 Vizion on Spotify and iTunes and all 2020 Vizion social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Studio Guidelines

    • No smoking in the building at all

    • No drinking alcohol in the studio (champagne or wine allowed)

    • No food in the studio room (eating in lounge area allowed)

    • Have respect for every artist recording by keeping noise at a reasonable level

    • Please pick up after yourself - keep the studio clean for others

    • All scheduling for sessions must be screened and confirmed by Mondoe or said assistant of 2020 Vizion/ CaddiVille USA studios

    • All members of CaddiVille must have a flash drive or hard drive or no session

    • All sessions must end 30mins with in the last hour for track out purposes

    • All session must be booked at least 3 days/72hrs in advance

    • Members are allowed 1 guess per session (Guest must be added to the guest list 1 day before session, or they will not be allowed in the studio)

    • If member cancels on the day of their session, said hours are forfeited

$6,000.00 Regular Price
$2,000.00Sale Price